Thursday, October 17, 2013

my vision maps

So a month ago I made had a great time making a vision map.  It’s like mind mapping for me.  I start by choosing a word that symbolizes what I want to manifest.  Or this time (last night) it wasn't a word, but I want to improve my business this month.  So this months vision map is all about the things my business is made from.  I didn't have a central word when I started, but I plan to spend a little more time adding details.  Last month I wanted to focus on Home.  When I was flipping through magazines I looked for two words, home and love and anytime I saw them I cut them out, no matter the size.  

I heard about the idea of a vision board ages ago.  A year ago I pinned some articles on how to make one; I've had this idea macerating for a w-h-i-l-e.  Because I didn't get it.  

Then I painted one at a friend’s get together, but she calls it treasure mapping.  The first one I painted I was all over the place, there was everything all over anything!  A few of the things kind of make sense now, but not all of it.  Some I just put there because I liked it, like the motherwort.  Some was because my friend told us about some different sort of feng shui things we could put on there.  I think that's why the purple spiral is on there and now I have no idea what I meant by it.  So there is my first tip.  It has to make sense to you!  Don't put stuff on there that doesn't truly speak to you.  I don't mean don't add pretty little flowers and do dads, just don't put anything on there that doesn't mean anything.  

 This year I painted a new one and it's totally different.  Instead of painting the words, I painted the feeling.  I did write a few words and they meant something and still do.  This years feels good and I really like it.  But it still wasn't what I thought of when I think of a Vision Map.  So when my friend Azul posted on FB about her upcoming Vision Boarding session I jumped at the chance.

This time I had a really solid idea of what my central idea would be.  HOME was my centering thought.  I was really pleased to find the word on the cover of a magazine.  This is where the mind mapping part comes in, I had to think about what home means to me.  If home is within me, then what do I need to feel at home anywhere?  Home is physical thing too.  Two things that are important to me right now are deep friendships with women and my business.  So I have my center HOME.  The top right ABUNDANCE, my business.  The bottom left COMMUNITY and friendships.  After this photo I added one more thing.  I drew a ♀ symbol with a white out pen.  The top left is my HOUSE corner.  These were the things important to me.  Each corner I elaborated with descriptive words that develop the idea further.  These words mean something and most of them I searched for, flipping through magazines for what felt like hours!  In the end I have been very pleased with how it turned out.  And my life is definitely moving in these areas!  

This brings us to last nights session.  I had already chosen to focus on my business.  I have a hard time with this regularly, I have a lot of feelings and thought and ideas swirling around in my mind.  It made it hard for me to make a central focus here.  So I pasted ideas and thoughts on my board!  I found an article featuring passion flowers.  They fit right in since my ideas are based on my passions, herbal medicine, mamas and their babies.  It's still a little swirly and unfinished and there is only one idea that is solid, that I can see.  YES.  I have been practicing YES.  My sweet friend Leslie shared a poem with me that I love and I will be adding to this vision map. 
yes is a world
& in this world of
yes live
(skilfully curled)
all worlds - e.e. cummings

And I really think this poem, or part of a poem rather, is what vision maps are all about.  

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