Wednesday, May 15, 2013

we stay up late to get Mexican Ducky

Very Easy, Very Vogue 8822
I’m feeling a little bit, how do I put this?  Weepy?  I had a crappy mother’s day.  My kids were fine, their Dad, not so much.  I found myself leafing through pattern books at Joan Fabric while he, the kids and his mother were at Kiwi Yogurt.  Next thing I know, I’ve got two patterns and a cart full of 50% off linen and a to-sew list with five things on it.  Realistically I thought I’d probably get to only three of those.  Two pairs of loose linen pants and a wrap shirt.  The pants and shirt are in the same pattern, but the idea of the pants is what matters.  I was planning on skipping the pattern all together and doing the pants the same way I did the kids Christmas PJ pants.  Which is using an existing pair of pants to create a pattern directly on the fabric, cut and sew.  Pants. Pants. Pants.  Beautiful deep violet and blue paisley pants.  Wouldn't this shirt be great in half price white linen?

Except, it’s Wednesday.  And I’m leaving for the Catskill to attend the Sacred Pregnancy training on Friday.  I have SO MUCH to do.  Not to mention this will be the first time I’ve left Oscar overnight.  I picked my parents up from the train station on Monday.  They flew from Hawaii to Newark and took the train to Philly.  My poor mother was awake for something like twenty-eight hours.  The two of them have been laying around  trying to get back on PA time.  So for obvious reasons my children are spending their time vacillating between asking me for food, rolling around the deck on ride-on toys and torturing each other/me (screaming).  This is all to say, I’m not going to be posting much this week, if at all.  Oh, also Oscar puked on the bed and other places. I'll just be here pulling my hair out, folding clothes, washing my sheets and drinking the coffee my parents got me in Hawaii and I'll see you next week.  I get back on Tuesday night.  And while I can't wait to be there, I really don't want to go.  KWIM?
If it has a picture of a lion on it, that means I will feel like a lion when I drink it right?

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Jennifer said...

#1 I love that top. I think that shape will flatter you very nicely.

#2 You might want to make the first pair with the pattern so that you get the front to lay correctly. The problem with the diy method is that the front bunches at the crotch, and that's not an elegant look, IMO

#3 Blog are for bitching, even herbal ones!

Good luck in your classes! I hope it's fun!