Thursday, May 23, 2013

how to make a tincture in five steps


Menstruum, container with lid, herb.  Optional item: canning funnel.

Open lid of jar

Put herbs in the jar.

Pour vodka in the jar.

Put the lid back on the jar and label it. 

super fancy labeling

Now you never have to pay $9+ for one of these, ever again.

Tomorrow: more words.  Tinctures vs. infusion.  What can you use instead of vodka?  And, what next?


Jennifer said...

And a link to where I can buy one of yours, please, 'cuz I'd rather spend the $9 instead of messing about with it myself.


Erin said...

I've switched to using Le Parfait and Fido jars for my ferments and dairy cultures to get away from the creepy lids of jars - can you think of any reason this wouldn't work? The tinctures certainly can't have any more pressure than ferments.

And, I miss you! Hoping to see you at the meeting tonight...